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Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd


Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Kingho Group, was established in May 2009 and it is a large-scale enterprise group dominating in modern coal chemical industry and integrating resource development, chemicals production and investment and trade. So far, the total investment of the company in Yinning county has reached RMB 12 billion and Xinjiang Kongho has owned over 2,800 employees.

The orderly development of resources and clean utilization of energy is the important component of the “second business” strategy in China Kongho’s “12th Five-Year Plan”. Since settling in Xinjiang, Kingho Group has carried out the two-step strategy of domestic resource processing and foreign resource introduction with the goal of seizing technological and industrial commanding height, of which, the coal-for-natural gas project invested and built by Kingho Group in Yili Yidong Industrial Park is the “national coal deep-processing demonstration project”, the important support project of the autonomous region in building “modern industrial system”, the pilot project for the “two sustainable development”, Xinjiang’s sole coal-for-gas project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and also the largest-scale coal-for-natural gas project under construction in the world at present.

The design scale of Xinjiang Kingho coal-for-natural gas project is 5.5 billion cubic meters per year, with the total investment exceeding RMB 30 billion. The project is divided into two phases. The scale of the first-phase engineering construction is 1.375 billion cubic meters of coal-for-natural gas per year, expected to be put into test operation this year. The second-phase engineering plan will start construction in 2013, to be completed and put into production in 2016. After the whole project is completed and comes into production, the annual coal consumption will be at 22 million tons, water consumption at 42 million cubic meters, the synthetic natural gas with annual caloric value of above 8,000 large calories at 5.5 billion cubic meters, by-product naphtha at 53,000 ton per year, tar at 420,000 ton per year, sulfur at 54,000 ton per year, crude carbolic acid at 102,000 ton per year, and ammonium at 89,000 ton per year. The project can realize the annual sales revenue of RMB 12 billion, annual tax of RMB 2.5 billion, to directly or indirectly create more than 10,000 jobs and drive the income of farmers and herdsmen of the whole county to increase RMB 568 per capita, which will be of realistic and long-term significance in promoting regional economic and social development, building Yining county into the important modern coal chemical industry base of the whole area and even the whole Xinjiang, further replenishing domestic oil and gas resource shortage, and ensuring national energy security.

The main construction contents of the project include coal preparation equipment, pyroelectricity equipment, circulating water system, gasification equipment, purification equipment, methanation equipment, and external circuit 110KV power transmission project. The supporting construction project mainly includes water supply project, gas transmission lines project, ash residue-to-cement project, and coal ash-to-brick project. At present, the coal-for-gas first-phase civil engineering and equipment installation project have been completed, process pipeline network is being under pressure test, the instrument valve and control system is entering its final stage, the 110KVA transformer substation and four 35KVA transformer substations of the whole plant have all received power, and systems like coal preparation, desalted water and boiler have been in individual trial running.

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