Ningxia Kingho Group

A Profile of Ningxia Kingho Group Property Management Co., Ltd


Ningxia Kingho Group Property Management Company, established in October 2008, has 198 regular employees and is divided to one office and two sections, that is general affairs office, property management section and security section.

The general affairs office sets the Han and Hui restaurants, supermarkets and offices. The Han and Hui restaurants occupy 6,113.08 square meters in all, of which, Han restaurant occupies 2,782.08 square meters, with 29 employees and 600 diners, and the Hui restaurant occupies 3,331.00 square meters, with 31 employees and over 600 dining leaders and employees. The property management section now has 41 employees, set with greening team, maintenance team and cleaning team responsible for the greening, planting, breeding, and the environmental health and maintenance of living quarters and administrative office building. The security section now has 31 employees and it is the security detachment established in 2010, mainly responsible for the security and patrol of the group company.

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