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A Profile of Ningxia Kingho Group Carbinol Co., Ltd


The first-phase building scale of the carbinol equipment of the Ningxia Kingho Group Carbinol Company is 150,000 ton per year, with the total floor area of about 23,803.2 square meters, the building area of 11,459.2 square meters and the total investment of the project of RMB 299.16 million and the building investment of RMB 265 million. The company started preparation in December 2007 and started construction in March 2008. The project consists of technology production equipment, auxiliary production facilities and public works. The technology equipment covers coke-oven gas gasometer, coke oven gas desulfurization conversion, process gas compression unit, methanol synthesis device, methanol distillation and intermediate tank depot. The auxiliary production facilities include oxygen-making device, carbinol finished product tank field, automobile loading and unloading station, carbinol control building and carbinol torch. The public works consist of electric transformer and distribution and foam fire station. The circulating water, desalted water, steam necessary in the production of carbinol are produced by related facilities of coking production equipment. The project was designed by Chengdu General Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, and the serial number of the qualification certificate is A151000161.

The project produces chemical product carbinol with the by-product coke oven gas of the coal coking integrated project of 2 million tons per year of Ningxia Kingho Coal Chemical Company as the raw material. The first-phase coke oven tail gas capacity of 31,000-37,000 Nm3/h can produce carbinol of about 150,000 ton per year. The mature and reliable DCS control system is adopted. The 150,000 ton/year carbinol project sets six section offices and four workshops, including general affairs office, production technology section, safety section, equipment section, dispatching room, quality testing center, space division workshop, carbinol workshop, electric equipment workshop, and machine maintenance workshop. Various sections and rooms are professional management organs directly subordinate to the carbinol company. The workshop is set as production unit and technicians and managers are configured to take charge of the daily management works including production management, technology management, equipment management, labor safety management and production statistics. The company now has 197 employees, including 8 full-time (or part-time) security officers.

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