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Ningxia Kingho Coal Chemical Co., Ltd -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is a branch company of Ningxia Kingho Group. Since the establishment of the group, the coal chemical company has proceeded at double speed, gradually expanded in development and focused on innovation in exploration. The leaders of the company united as one, worked hard, deepened the reform, stood from the present to find out the difference, sought development with keen determination, and realized benefits in the year of production. The company now sets 13 departments including coal workshop, coking workshop, chemical products workshop, boiler workshop, power workshop, machine maintenance workshop, central testing laboratory, engine driven team, water supply team, electric equipment section, safe production technology section and general affairs office, and the workshops are set with 41 teams and groups hereunder. The company now owns more than 800 people, making up nearly 60% of the total number of employees of the group company at present, of which, there are 35 middle-level leaders. The coal chemical company blends “6S” and “6 high-ranking officials” into the management system, aiming to make unremitting endeavor to push the enterprise management to the entire personnel management model. As the leader enterprise of the group company, the coal chemical company fully made use of its potential, actively utilized available conditions to tackle hard-nut problems in science and technology and upgrade products, and made its due contribution to the sound development of the group and local economic construction.

The 1# and 2# coke ovens of the company are two coke ovens in the coal coking first-phase 1.1 million tons project of Ningxia Kingho Group, with the model number of TJL5550D. The coke ovens feature 55-hole double down-draft, single heating and exhaust gas recycling and are advanced side-mounted coke ovens in China at present, with coal tamping coke oven fitted out at the side.

The two coke ovens came into operation simultaneously in May 2007. In September 2007, the main body masonry of the 2# coke oven was first completed. The coke oven protections including iron parts for protection of coke oven, heating system and five-vehicle and three-engine, as well as production equipment installation debugging were completed in October. The solid fuel baking oven method was adopted to light the fire to bake the oven on November 18 and the overall oven baking took 7 months in all and various data of the oven met the design requirement of baking oven and achieved the desired results. On July 1, 2008, the 2# coke oven started shifting to basement gas heating system to supply heat and started coal charging for pilot production. On July 4, the first-hole coke was successfully launched and the 2# coke oven was put into normal production. The 1# coke oven successfully brought out the first-hole coke on March 20, 2009 and was put into normal production. The production technology mainly fits the coal by the matching of coal workshop and sends to the coking chamber through works like coaling crunching. The coal materials are made into coke and produce raw coke oven gas through one coking period of high-temperature retorting in the coking chamber. The raw coke oven gas was cooled, transferred and recovered chemical products including coal tar, ammonia, sulphur and benzoic hydrocarbon in the chemical product workshop. At the same time, the purified coal gas was used for the construction based on coke oven, boiler heating and carbinol-production circular industrial chain. In 2011, the leaders of the company put forward the slogan of “creating superfine coke oven and promoting finger dictation”, set up active target for the development of the company, and also raised the management requirement of the company in production technology, equipment operation and maintenance to a new height.

To create advanced management model and break a new path of its own, the company successively launched projects including office OA software, Coal Chemical Window periodical and equipment defect reconstruction since 2009 by fearless innovative spirit and won two second prizes and four fourth prizes in six technological improvement projects of the company respectively in Inner Mongolia Kingho QC Technological Improvement Achievement Exhibition in 2011. Till now, the company possesses 25 technological-improvement innovative projects of various kinds, saved countless expenditure for the enterprise, sped up employees’ work efficiency, improved refined management requirements and accelerated the enterprise’s overall development.

The company will continue to adhere to Kingho spirits of “Especially Hardworking, Especially Fighting, Especially United, Especially Dedicated, and Especially Patient”. Starting from 2011, the coal chemical company has started with the development of teams and groups in the company, takes “Three Senses, Three Types and Three Transformations” as the target of the enterprise cultural construction, that is, to develop involving the company staff having “Sense of Belonging, Sense of Achievement and Sense of Honor” in mental attitude , the team and group construction target achieving “Study Type, Unity Type and Safety Type” and enterprise management level realizing “Standardization, Routinization and Normalization”, and makes new achievement for creating the new era of Kingho.

The main products of the company include coke, tar, crude benzene and ammonium.

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