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Golmud Kingho Mining Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qinghai Kingho Group and was formally incorporated in Augsut 2005. Based in the south central Qaidam Basin that is known as a treasure bowl, with the Kunlun Mountains to the south and the Chaerhan Salt Lake to the north, it is mainly engaged in integration, development and utilization of iron resources in Golmud’s Kendekeke, Galinge and Yemaquan. Guided by the scientific outlook on development, the company is devoted to developing the abundant polymetallic ores in Golmud in accordance with the requirements of Qinghai Provincial CPC Committee and Qinghai Provincial Government, that is, comprehensive development of mineral resources, efficient allocation, recycling, and sustainable development, and aims to promote the rapid and sound development of the metallurgy industry.

The total production capacity of the mines is estimated to reach 10 million tons per year and the investment in the mines totals 1.85 billion Yuan. To be specific, the Kendekeke mine is capable of producing 2.5 million tons/year; the Yemaquan iron and zinc mines 600,000 tons/year (M4 & M5) and 600,000 tons/year (M9 and M10) respectively; the V ore group and the II ore group of the Galinge mine, 1.2 million tons/year and 1.8 million tons/year respectively; other ore groups, 300,000-600,000 tons/year.

So far, the proved reserves of iron ores in the three mines have reached 104,540,148 tons, with the Kendekeke mine contributing 71,365,047 tons, the Yemaquan mine 10,714,500 tons, and the Galinge mine 22,460,601 tons. The project was constructed in two phases. The phase-I project focuses on the Kendekeke mine, which can serve 29 years, with the production capacity reaching 2.5 million tons/year. The total investment in the project amounted to 879 million tons. In June 2011, the project was put into production and in January 2011, the supporting project—Galinge Ore Dressing Plant went into production. The project not only yielded generous economic benefits but also created favorable social benefits. It is expected to propel the development of related industries in Golmud and even in Haixi, increase sources of tax and trigger a new growth momentum. It is estimated that it can indirectly create revenues of over 80 million Yuan for the local government each year.

The Kendekeke iron mine mainly uses Quasar 1F tunneling trolleys for mining and transportation and JCCY-2 diesel oil-fired scrapers for muck removal. In the block chambering-method stope and the vertical sublevel stoping-method stope, Simba1350 mining and drill jumbos and TORO1400E carry-scrapers are used; in the bottom hopper stoping-method stope, YGZ-90 rock drills are used for deep hole drilling and scrapers are used to remove ores; TG2 upraising platforms and YSP-45 upraising rock drills are used to drill jack shafts and ventilating raises; QZJ100B down-the-hole drills are used for pillar recovery. The mine is divided into four levels, that is, 4,020 meters, 3,960 meters, 3,900 meters and 3,840 meters, with each level being 60 meters in height. The mine is now equipped with 2 YG—300 drills, 1 raise drill and 1 SY-2 rock drill for construction on the surface of the earth.

The Galinge Ore Dressing Plant covers a total area of 4,119,624 square meters and is composed of production area, living area and tailings pond. The production area covers 126,000 square meters and consists of 20-plus buildings, which include workshops for ores grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, dehydration and air compressors, filter press, concentrates, etc., as well as various auxiliary buildings including machine maintenance room, warehouse and transformer substation. The tailings pond occupies 3,870,374 square meters and is expected to be in service for 20 years. The living area, covering 123,250 square meters, contains about 32 buildings including office building and employees’ dormitory.

The Yemaquan iron and zinc mine adopts such mining methods as explosive ores haulage, shallow-hold shrinkage, scraper shrinkage, etc. YGZ90 and YSP45 pneumatic rock drills are used for drilling rocks and 2-cubic meter diesel scrapers, scrapers or carrying-scrapers for ores drawing. The ore grade is TFe36.28, Zn0.63% on average and the surrounding sock grade TFe10%. The ore loss rate is 16.56%, the dilution rate 11.64%, the rate waste ores mixed 16.07%. The grade of run-of-the mine is TFe32.06%, Zn0.56%.

The mines are still being constructed orderly and soundly. For years, thanks to the great support from provincial, prefecture and municipal government agencies and the direction of the leadership of the group, the company has been struggling for Kingho Group’s huge investment, great development and big leap in Qinghai and has been committed to advancing the construction of the mines. Adhering to the scientific outlook on development and the concept of developing circular economy, it puts emphasis on pragmatism, progressiveness and innovation and leads its staff to overcome difficulty and spare no efforts to promote the construction of the mines and the ores dressing plant. What’s more, it has made great contributions to the development of the local society and economy, the construction of harmonious Golmud, Haixi and Qinghai.

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