Qinghai Kingho Group

Qinghai Kingho Metallurgy & Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd.


Qinghai Kingho Metallurgy & Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinghai Kingho Group) was founded in June 2003 in the context of the implementation of the West Development Strategy of China by introducing funds through Qinghai Trade Fair in 2003. Over 9 years of leapfrog development, it has grown into a large comprehensive private conglomerate that combines coal mining and dressing, iron ores mining and dressing and coal chemical production and operation.

Qinghai Kingho Group is one of the first pilot companies in the Qaidam Plot Zone for Circular Economy. Relying on the local advantageous and characteristic mineral sources, it successively invested on a host of symbolic and significant construction projects, such as, the Juhugeng Erjingtian Coal Mine of the Muli Coalfield, the 2.5 million tons/year iron ore mining and dressing project in Golmud, the 2 million tons/year coke chemical project in the Wulan Coal Chemical Circular Economy Industrial Park, the 3 million tons/year coal washing plant, the 2 × 15MW cokefurnace gas power generation project and special railway lines. The Wulan 150,000 tons/year tar deep processing project, 1.2 million tons/year pellet project and Yemaquan 500,000 tons/year iron-zinc ore mining and dressing project are all under construction.

As of the end of 2011, the total assets of Qinghai Kingho Group had been valued at 14.1 billion Yuan. It posted sales of over 6.3 billion Yuan and paid taxes of nearly 1.3 billion Yuan in 2011 and its staff number reached more than 4,000. Since 2007, it has been awarded the title of Financial Pillar Companies of Qinghai for five straight years (it ranked No. 4 among the laureates in 2010 and No. 3 in 2011). Besides, in recent years, it obtained such honors as National May 1st Labor Award, National Top 500 Private Companies, National Top 500 Chemical Companies, National Top 100 Coal Companies, China’s Top 50 Companies in terms of development of corporate culture, Success Stories of Corporate Management of Chinese Outstanding Companies, Outstanding Private Companies, Top 10 Private Companies in Qinghai Province, Role Model in projects construction, Company with AAA-grade Credit, Top 10 Companies by financial integrity, Outstanding Contributor to Public Welfare, Special Red Cross Medal, etc. Mr. HUO Qinghua, Chairman of the Board of the group was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal in 2011.

Qinghai Kingho Group pays equal attention to production and management. It put forward the long-term corporate management strategy that aims to realize “three shifts”, that is, shift from extensive management to delicacy management, shift the focus from quantity to benefits, and shift from single production management to combination of production management and capital management, in a bid to facilitate delicate, scientific and people-oriented corporate management. Furthermore, it committed itself to the establishment of study- and innovation-oriented companies, set the goal of building a company like an army, a school and a family and defined the core values, equity and justice, honesty and responsibility, learning and growth, innovation and excellence in hope of promoting the harmonious development of society, companies, customers and employees.

In recent years, Qinghai Kingho Group invested more than 400 million Yuan on local infrastructure construction, construction of new rural and pastoral areas, and charities. It provided assistances for the construction of the Tianmu Highway, the Delingha Kingho Square, the Recreational Activity Center of Tianjun County, the Memorial of No. 2 Liberation Army of the Red West-road Army, etc. It donated 2 million Yuan to found the Loving Heart Student Grant and donated 12 million Yuan to the earthquake-attacked areas in Wenchuan. It sent an over 40-member rescue team and 20-plus sets of large-scale equipment to Yushu for the earthquake relief and donated more than 15 million Yuan. The group built a positive image as a private company in the province and even across the country and saw its social influence and recognition expanding rapidly.

During the twelfth Five-year Plan, guided by the scientific outlook on development and oriented to the development of circular economy, Qinghai Kingho Group will build a circular economy industry chain featured by coal-based coproduction and iron and steel integration by taking advantage of the advantageous and characteristic resources, facilitate the harmonious development of coal, salt lake and metallurgy industries of the Qaidam Plot Zone for Circular Economy, plan to build the 10 million tons of iron ores mining and dressing project in Golmud, the 2 million tons of iron and steel integration project, the 6 million tons of coal-based coproduction project in Wulan and the Erjingtian coal mines exploitation engineering in the Juhugeng Mining Area. Also, it plans to increase its sales, taxes and staff number to 30 billion Yuan, 5 billion Yuan and 20,000 respectively and realize the second startup by the end of the twelfth Five-year Plan so that it can make more contributions to build a wealthy, civilized and harmonious Qinghai.

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