Inner Mongolia Kingho Group

Inner Mongolia Kingho Group


Incorporated in August 2000, Inner Mongolia Kingho Group -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is one of the Chinese top 100 coal companies, Chinese top 500 private companies and Inner Mongolian top 20 companies. It is a large comprehensive resources development company combining sectors of mining, coking, coal chemical, iron and steel, and building materials.

The group is a transnational, trans-regional and multi-industry private company and affiliates 16 independent legal entities, which are located in three banners of Alashan League, Ningxia, Qinghai and Mongolia. Its employees total up to over 10,000, including senior management staff and technicians specialized in mining, ore dressing, geology, surveying, etc.

Kingho Group is the first private company that established the Party committee in Alashan. 11 grass-roots Party branches are under the leadership of the Party committee, with the number of Party members reaching 177. The Party branches and the Party members played a positive role as a stronghold and a pioneer in the group’s construction and development.

 Kingho Group was awarded such tittles as National Circular Economy Pilot, Model Youth in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Honest and Trustworthy Private Company, and was recognized a role model by technological advances in Alashan, an outstanding import and export company, and a key protected company by the Party Committee of Alashan League Government and the Administrative Office of Alashan. Agricultural Bank of China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Branch rated the credit of Kingho Group AAA.

 The group’s business scope covers mining, coking, highway construction, automobile transportation, etc. The products involved include raw coal, refined coking coal, iron ore, iron concentrate, gold concentrate, cobalt concentrate, copper concentrate, coke, coal, chemical products, to name just a few. Its leading products are used as major raw and auxiliary materials for iron and steel smelting.

 In 2007, Kingho Group reported total assets of 8.44 billion Yuan. It realized an industrial added value of 794 million Yuan, up by 110% year-on-year, sales of 4.07 billion Yuan, up 110% year-on-year, and a profit of 190 million Yuan, up 34.97% year-on-year. It paid 370 million Yuan of taxes that year, which rose by 102% year-on-year.

Since 1995, Kingho Group has developed the projects such as Bailing Coalfield in Alashan Left Banner, Kaxiutata Iron Mine in Alashan Right Banner, Heiyingshan Iron Mine in Ejina Banner, Naryn Sukhait Coal Mine in Mongolia, Muli Coal Mine in Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai Province, Inner Mongolia Kingho Circular Economy Industrial Park, Ningxia Kingho Taiyangshan Coal Chemical Circular Economy Industrial Park, etc. The projects that have been completed include 200,000 tons of gas for methanol project, Wusitai Bayanaobao Coalfield Project, 3 million tons of clean coal project, Golmud Iron Ore Project in Qinghai, Wulan Coal Chemical Project, etc.

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