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Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址-Mac Naryn Sukhait Co., Ltd.


Established in November 2002, Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址-Mac Naryn Sukhait Trading Co., Ltd. is based at Ceke Port, Ejina, Alashan, Inner Mongolia.

NariinSukhait(Qinghua-Mak) Ltd.,is a Sino-Mongolia JV established in August 2003. It develops the NarrinSukhait coal field located in the South Gobi Province of Mongolia, 46Km in straight line distance from Ceke border of China.

The company transports the imported raw coals from Sino-Mongolia JV Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址-Mac Naryn Sukhait Co. Ltd. and some other coal companies by trucks and trains to Wuhan, Ningxia and Gansu (Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group) as well as the Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址 Benjing Platform in Alashan Left Banner, which then delivers the raw coals to Tangshan and Handan.

In December 2004, the special coal transport line from the Ceke Port to Alashan Wusitai Economic & Technological Development Zone that was financed by Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址 Group was formally opened to traffic. Along as the phase-I and II coal chemical projects of the Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址 Circular Economy Industrial Park went into production, Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址-Mac Naryn Sukhait Trading Co., Ltd. has become a major supplier of raw coals to Kingho -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址’s coal chemical companies.

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