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Inner Mongolia Kingho Ejina Mining Co., Ltd.



Incorporated in 2002 and located in Mazongshan, Ejina, Alashan, Inner Mongolia Kingho Ejina Mining Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is a mineral resources development company devoted to high-efficiency ore mining and ore dressing. The Heiyingshan iron mine affiliated to the company is one of the few rich iron ore bases in China and the highest grade of its ores can reach 69%. The mine is 282 kilometers from Jayuguan, Gansu (the place where Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company is based) and is connected to the latter by a special highway.

The company is equipped with domestically advanced mining, crushing and ore dressing equipment, which guarantees its production capacity and quality of its products.

In June 2007, the company invested on an ore dressing plant with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons. The plant was put into production formally in June 2008, marking Inner Mongolia Kingho Ejina Mining Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址had became another large energy development and processing base of Kingho Group.

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