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Inner Mongolia Kingho Alashan Bailing Coal Co., Ltd.


Incorporated In 2000, Inner Mongolia Kingho Alashan Bailing Coal Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is located in the Hulusitai mining area of Alashan Left Banner. The place is in the north of Helan Mountain and 60 kilometers from Wuhai to the east, 86 kilometers from Bayanhaote to the west, and 70 kilometers from Shizuishan to the south. The Yinru Railway runs through the mining area. The company has its own railway line, enjoying convenient traffic.

The Bailing Jingtian Mine affiliated to the company principally produces coking coals and meager coking coals, which are defied as ultralow-phosphorous, ultralow- and low-sulfur, medium-ash and high-heating value coals and are rare in China. The coals are mostly used for metallurgy and coking and have passed the international ISO9002 quality certification.

The washed raw coals are directly supplied for Kingho’s circular economy industrial park. The company is a major raw coal base for the group’s coking industry. Its 180 tons/year modern mine technology improvement project is an important component of the group’s overall circular economy development strategy.

Inner Mongolia Kingho Alashan Bailing Coal Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址serves as a cradle of business of the group. It has always given full play to its resources advantage and relied on technology to make progress. It set a goal of promoting further technology improvement, restructure and establishment of the industry chain, building a clean coal production base and boosting the development of the group’s circular economy.

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