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Alashan Kingho Mining Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2001, Alashan Kingho Mining Technology Co., Ltd. -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址is situated in the center of the Badanjilin Desert, 46 kilometers northwest of Ekenhuduge Town, Alashan Right Banner. It is 140 kilometers from the Shandan Railway Station of the Lanxin Railway, with a highway running through the mining area, enjoying convenient traffic. Integrating mining, ore dressing and transportation, it is a modern comprehensive mining company that gives priority to developing and producing ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and precious metals.

The Kaxiutataduo Metal Mine affiliated to the company is blessed with abundant reserves of high-grade metal ores, such as, iron, gold, cobalt and gallium, which have quite high potential economic values.

The company has built 11 vertical shafts and adopts the most advanced shovel cars in China and the foreign most advanced rock drills. Its annual mining capacity reaches 1 million tons. An ore dressing plant is set up in the mining area, producing 300,000 tons of iron concentrates annually. Flotation and magnetic separation are adopted in the process of ore dressing, especially iron ore dressing. The multi-metal concomitants are recycled.

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