Ningxia Group Holds an Analysts Meeting on 200,000 -AG平台网站_AG澳门娱乐网址-tons Ethylene Glycol Project
Source:China Kingho Ningxia Group Editor:Wang Bin DateTime:2014-08-08Visits:7606Font Size: Large In Small

  China Kingho Ningxia News (Lan Yongjun) On August 6th, Ningxia Group held an analysts meeting on 200000-tons Ethylene Glycol Project. Tur Tumen Bai M (Vice General Manager of Planning and Development Department of China Kingho), Zhou Xiaoye (Vice General Manager of Ningxia Group), Tie Ruzhu (Manager of Coalification Company), Duan Yangang (Director of Office of Party and Government Affairs), and heads of related units and departments attended the meeting.

  Participants of the meeting had some positive communication on process and project construction schemes associated with processing of coke oven gas, flammable gas, and conducted primary discussion on early work, for example parameters, cost calculation, specific revamping scheme, associated with carbon monoxide reformers. Also, the direction of future work of Ethylene Glycol Project has been initially determined.

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